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Dental implant rehabilitation of a patient with Down syndrome – interdisciplinary workflow

Routine recalls at close intervals are also essential to guarantee long-term success for the purpose of monitoring oral hygiene and compliance with the instructions. According thereto it has been planned to carry out a control and hygiene recall once in two months. Screw-supported supra-constructions should be given preference in this group of patients, as these, in comparison with the cemented variant, are easier to remove in the regular hygiene intervals, if the need arises.

The high costs for the selected therapy form are justified by the positive effect on the patient’s personality. Food intake has a high significance in the case of Down syndrome patients. By a firmly positioned implant prosthesis rehabilitation it is possible to visibly improve the masticatory function and thus enhance the quality of life of these patients.

The use of dental implants and digital impression techniques in Down syndrome patients has hardly been scientifically investigated. At present, there are no systemic examinations in this respect. Guidelines and protocols for the treatment of mentally retarded patients should be established. As a result risks and possible complications in the preliminary phase and during treatment could be more easily assessed.

Acknlowledgement: We would like to thank GC Austria GmbH for their generous support and provision of material. In addition thereto, we would like to thank the dental engineer Mr Robert Neubauer (Neubauer & Ebenberger zahntechnisches Labor GmbH, Graz, Austria) and the dental engineer Mr Rudolf Hrdina (BSI Zahntechnisches Laboratorium GesmbH, Guntramsdorf, Austria) for producing the supraconstructions and performing the prosthetic work. Without the provision of material and production of prosthetic constructions it would not have been possible to finance the selected therapy for the patient. We would like to thank Dr Elisabeth Amberger as well as the dental team of Ordination Prof Lorenzoni for their valuable cooperation and extensive commitment.


1 Medical University Graz, Division of Oral Surgery and Orthodontics, Department of Dental Medicine & Oral Health, Graz, Austria

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